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Sending Thank-You Notice to Donors

THE POWER OF A THANK YOU! If your scholarship is from a specific person, organization or other group, writing a thank you note will indicate that you appreciate the help they have provided in furthering your education.

A hand written note or typed letter demonstrating an appreciation to the College of Southern Idaho scholarship donors can go a long way towards making donors feel good about their gift to you and CSI. By expressing gratitude towards each donor, they will understand how their financial support is helping students receive an education and thus be more willing to continue their support for years to come. Though the College does not require you to make this effort, showing your appreciation to a donor is simply the right thing to do.

What Should I Write About in my Thank-You Note?

  • The donor's name (spelled correctly!)
  • Reference to the scholarship that you have received
  • Your name and year in school
  • Your major and academic interests
  • How has this scholarship helped you?
  • What does having a scholarship mean to you personally?
  • Why did you choose the College of Southern Idaho?
  • What are some leadership or volunteer experiences you’ve participated in while attending CSI?
  • What are your extracurricular activities or interests?
  • What are your academic and career goals?
  • Where do you live? On-campus or off-campus?
  • Talk about your family history and hometown.

Remember, a well-written letter reflects well on you and the College of Southern Idaho.

Example thank you note:

Dear Mr. Joe and Mrs. CSI Eagle:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your dedication and support to the College of Southern Idaho family. I am currently a junior at the College of Southern Idaho majoring in Spanish and public relations. I grew up Twin Falls, Idaho with Eagle Pride instilled in me from the beginning! I am a member of Alpha Alpha Beta Xi chapter on campus. I also participate in Student alumni Relation board, and the Honor Program and have been a Wings to the Future mentor for two years. The scholarship you provided me with this semester has enabled me to accomplish all of these activities while enjoying the College of Southern Idaho tradition. Once again, thank you for your generous gift to my education and your continuing support to the College of Southern Idaho.


(be sure to sign your card)

Where can I get the contact name and address for my letter?

The CSI Scholarship Office provides donor addresses in the Award Letter sent to students email and viewable in their Netpartner. The information provides you with the contact name and address where the thank-you note or letter can be sent and guidelines of the scholarship. If you do not receive this information, please send an email to our office and we will help you obtain the scholarship provider's information.